General Recruitment

General Recruitment is all about fully integrated manpower services such as permanent, contract, temporary placement and contract to hire local candidates and place them in multinational corporations across a wide range of industries within the South Asia region. Our comprehensive suites of human resource solutions are:

Permanent staffing

Looking to hire permanent staff? Our recruitment consultants will first seek to understand your company's needs, hiring criteria, company culture and other requirements before sourcing and screening the right candidates who will help to drive the growth of your business.

Contract staffing

If you have any project or assignment that requires short-term manpower solutions, our Contract Staffing service can assist you in engaging monthly-rated personnel until the project is completed. We will oversee all the recruitment and logistical arrangements involved in the hiring of these contract staff, which will come under the payroll of our company for your convenience.

In addition to contract staff, we place temporary staff for short-term durations on an hourly-rated basis. These workers also come under our payroll and through this arrangement your company reaps the benefit of having extra manpower without the hassle of additional administrative work.

Contract to Hire positions

If you have some position where you want to see the skill sets of the individual while on the job, and make a decision to hire the resources later based on their performances, we are more than happy to provide you such candidates, as we are sure that you will hire them as they are chosen and picked from the market just for you.

Foreign Recruitment

We know that the recruitment of foreign workers can be a daunting experience at times. We are here to make sure that the recruitment process is a smooth, hassle-free and a cake walk for you. We will assist you in recruiting qualified skilled and unskilled, English-speaking workers from South East Asia for placement across a variety of industries including construction, food & beverage, retail & hospitality, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing IT, ITES and heavy engineering.

Selection Process

Prior to the recruitment process, we will carry out detailed discussions with you to fully understand your requirements. We will establish a thorough schedule for the entire recruitment exercise at the beginning, outlining agreed dates for the initial elimination of candidates on your behalf, to the actual arrival of the selected candidate. We will then screen and interview all probable candidates before presenting suitable ones to clients for the final round of interviews via webcam, telephone, at our premises or on-site interview at the selected countries.

On site verification / scrutiny

For certain industries which require skills assessment in the host exporting country, we will make the necessary arrangements for such competency tests to be conducted through our counterparts on-site.

Medical test

We ensure that all selected workers go through the proper medical check-ups in the host country as well as at the recognized clinics when in abroad. Any worker found to be medically unfit after his/her initial check-up in abroad shall be repatriated back to the country of origin.

Compliance by clients

For certain industries which require skills assessment in the host country, we will make the necessary arrangements for such competency tests to be conducted through our counterparts on-site.

Work Permit / Employment pass

To guarantee a hassle-free recruitment exercise, we ensure that all necessary documents and applications are submitted to the labor department for the application of work permits and employment passes. Should any issues arise at this juncture, we will endeavor to rectify them promptly if it is in our reach and proximity. This means that if a candidate submits bogus documents we will not be held accountable and whatever the decision taken by the host country law will be last and final. It may lead to expatriation or ban on your candidature for future foreign employments if you are found guilty. Make sure that all the documents you submit are genuine and original.

Airport Pickups

We arrange airport pick up for the candidates who arrive for the first time in foreign land. Our counterparts in the host country will receive the candidates and drop at the accommodation provided for a specific period of time.


We will provide suitable accommodation for the workers near their workplace, within the budget allocated for a specific period of time. In this time the candidates can get the accommodation by themselves or if the hiring company is providing the accommodation they can move on to the specific location.

Orientation / Training

For the successful candidate, moving to a different country to work can be a painful experience. We strive to alleviate such stress and worries for both client and employee through our orientation and training program, which covers the following:

  • Introduction to lifestyle and culture of the host country
  • Employment laws and general laws in host country
  • Public transportation system

Feedback / counseling

We are committed to providing our full support in resolving any unforeseen problems that may occur throughout the workers' period of employment in abroad. Thus, we shall personally counsel any worker should the need arise, with feedback on all counseling sessions provided so that you can monitor any subsequent improvement in the worker's performance.

Repatriation / Exit Visa

In the event of repatriation, we will assist the clients in the cancellation of the worker's work permit, work pass or employment pass from the labor department and arrange pick up to ensure the worker's departure from the host country. We understand that over staying in some countries without a proper pass is offence and punishable under the laws of the respective countries.

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